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Installing a new cloakroom and staff facilities for a creative agency

Commercial cloakroom conversion, West Bridgford, Nottingham

West Bridgford based Absolute, a well-established creative design agency, wanted to make some improvements to staff facilities and install a contemporary cloakroom for visiting clients. As one of only two stone-built buildings in West Bridgford and the former home of the HP Sauce founder, the historic building needed a new hot water source installing and a store cupboard repurposing to fit in the new amenities, while remaining in keeping with the features of the period property. 

Plumbing and heating services delivered:
  • Supply and installation of a new sink and toilet suite

  • Installation of new hot water supply to downstairs area

  • Conversion of a store cupboard into a spacious cloakroom with sink, radiator and WC

  • Complete project management, sourcing, supply, installation and fitting service for heating, plumbing and building works

PES_Central Heating Southwell IMG-5895.j
PES_Central Heating Southwell IMG-5148.j
PES_Central Heating Southwell IMG-5246.j
Project Budget:
  • Approximate cost including XXX £XXXX +VAT

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If you have would like to chat about installing new staff facilities in your workplace, call us on:

0115 987 2546

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